European Summer Tour 2013


01/08/13: Zona Mutante Squat (Geneva, SWITZERLAND) with MALATESTA HC ORCHESTRA (SWI)

02/08/13: Wagenplatz (Leipzig, GERMANY) with LABDAM (GER), KAAPORA (GER)

03/08/13: Hygget Fest (Värnamo, SWEDEN) with ANTISECT (UK), AVSKUM (SWE), CLOWN (JPN), VISIONS OF WAR (BEL), CONTORTURE (SWE) etc

04/08/13: Maksitaksi (Oslo, NORWAY) with VISIONS OF WAR (BEL)

05/08/13: 128A (Göteborg, SWEDEN) with VISIONS OF WAR, CIVIL (BEL) OLYDNAD (SWE)

06/08/13: TBA (Copenaghen, DENMARK)

07/08/13: Bagehl Haus (Rostock, GERMANY) with DISWAR/KAMORRAH (SPA)

08/08/13: Køpi-Koma F (Berlin, GERMANY) with INFESTO (COL), CIVIL OLYDNAD (SWE)

09/08/13: Granda (Lodz, POLAND)

10/08/13: Cibulka Squat (Prague, CZECH REPUBLIC) with ANGRY BRIGADE (CZH), WOUNDED KNEE (CZH), I.O.N.U. (AUT)



Noisecoring violence, again over europe!

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